Our aim is to refurbish your wheels to a high quality ‘good as new’ look. We cannot be held responsible for unseen problems such as excessive corrosion, poor castings or hidden cracks. Such problems may only become evident when the old coatings have been removed from the wheel. Some older wheels will never look perfect after a refurbishment but we do guarantee to vastly improve them. Certain finishes such as hi-power silver, silver chrome or polished will show blemishes more readily. We will not be liable for structural damage or wear and tear due to pre-existing faults.

All vehicles must be fully insured on your own insurance whilst left with diamond wheels.

We will not be responsible for loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles,or mechanical faults or damage unless it was caused by our negligence.

All vehicles must be supplied with the o.e.m locking wheel nuts for the removal and re-fitting of the wheels.

It is your responsibility to check that your tyres conform to all safety and legal requirements. We reserve the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres. Customers will be asked to sign a disclaimer should you want them re-fitted.

Where wheels are fitted to the customers vehicle we will ensure all wheel bolts are correctly torqued/tightened. Customers are responsible for the re-checking of the tightness of the wheel bolts after 50 miles of use and at regular intervals.

We supply rubber valves free of charge. Metal / chrome or special valves i.e. flush fitting etc must be supplied by the customer, we can supply them at an extra cost if they are available. We accept no responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been fitted at the customers request.

Pressure sensing valves can often be broken during the removal of tyres, we accept no responsibility for this. It is the customers responsibility to re-set the vehicles systems once the wheels are re-fitted please refer to the vehicles hand book.

We reserve the right to charge extra for unforeseen problems such as cracks and buckles etc which we were unaware of. We will contact you before carrying out further repairs.

Powder coated/painted wheels are guaranteed for 12 months against paint defects such as blistering and flaking etc. This is subject to the wheels not being washed with acid based cleaners or damage caused by driver error.

Polished wheels are not guaranteed as the lacquer will not readily adhere to the polished surfaces.

Warranty claims, the invoice must be produced as proof of purchase it will be at Diamond Wheels discretion should you not be able to do this.

Timescales for completion of the refurbishment are targets only, we will do our best to keep to this and we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays caused during the process.

Vehicles/wheels will not be released until payment is made in full. Any wheels not collected within 3 months will be sold to recoup any costs.