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Diamond cutting is also known as single point diamond turning(S.P.D.T) or diamond turning it is a process where the alloy wheel is placed in a lathe and a small layer of the of the wheel surface is machined off the alloy wheel with a diamond pointed cutting tool.

Many car wheels are finished with a diamond cut finish to produce a very desired effect.

The down fall of having diamond cut wheels is they are prone to corrosion or the (white worm) effect.

This happens when stones hit and chip the protective lacquer or if you kerb the wheel ,water will get underneath the lacquer and in time will cause it to deteriorate causing milky/cloudy patches.

Here at diamond wheels we can refurbish and diamond cut your wheels back to a pristine condition.

We have recently (may 2016) invested in a brand new state of the art CNC (computer numerically controlled) wheel lathe. It also as an optimization software which allows us to alter the cut on the wheel to produce a smoother and superior finish.

The wheels are fully refurbished like our powder coated finished wheels they will first be powder coated with a primer and then powder coated or spray painted to the desired colour. They will then be put on the wheel lathe to be diamond cut, when finished they are then powder coated with a clear lacquer to protect them.


PLEASE NOTE Due to the fact it is very difficult to achieve a long lasting and durable finish when applying lacquer to a bright shiny/diamond cut surface, diamond cut wheels do not carry the same guarantee as our fully powder coated wheels.

How do I care for my diamond cut wheels.2019-09-05T12:53:42+00:00

Regular washing with hot soapy water is best although they will never last as long as a fully powder coated wheel.

How many times can I have my wheels diamond cut.2019-09-05T12:53:11+00:00

Normally 2/3 times but this will depend on how bad the corrosion and kerb damage is every time the wheel is diamond cut a small layer of alloy is removed,if to much is removed it could weaken the wheel. It is important to let us know if your wheels have been diamond cut previously.

How do I know if I have diamond cut wheels2019-09-05T12:52:45+00:00

Either all or part of the wheel surface will have a very bright shiny finish almost like a chrome or polished look. If you look carefully you will see very fine grooves on the surface of the wheel these are machine lines created by the lathe diamond cutting tool. The wheels will also be bi- coloured i.e the sides of the spokes and insets could be black,grey,silver or indeed any colour.

Not all wheels can be diamond cut this will depend on the profile of the wheel face.

Your diamond wheels technician can advise you if its possible or not.

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